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A 10-Step Program for Ridding Your Writing of Empty Superlatives

How can you stop using superlatives that undermine the credibility of your content? The same way you break any bad habit. You enter a recovery program.


7 Tips for Professional Ghosts

Ghostwriting for business experts is a different animal than journalism or corporate writing. Here’s how to make the leap.


How to Structure Your Blog Posts

My last post gave you three rules for writing better blog posts. Now, I’ve got three more rules for how to structure them. Rule 1. Write about One Idea I’m sure you have a lot to say about your business or your product or your life. Everyone does. But a piece of writing that’s between 500 and 1,000 words can
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Write Better Blog Posts: 3 Critical Rules

Why Blogs? First, why blogs? People say blogs are the best and cheapest way to get your business out there, to be seen on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, linked to your website. People are right. Plus, writing a blog can make you a real person to your potential customers, creating an intimate connection, a relationship, at least digitally, that can
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Go Ask Alice: 4 Questions to Answer Before You Begin Writing

The hardest articles to fix are those the author has already drafted but has not thought through why he’s writing it in the first place.

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