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A 10-Step Program for Ridding Your Writing of Empty Superlatives

July 14, 2022David Rosenbaum

How can you stop using superlatives that undermine the credibility of your content? The same way you break any bad habit. You enter a recovery program.

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7 Tips for Professional Ghosts

June 23, 2022David Rosenbaum

Ghostwriting for business experts is a different animal than journalism or corporate writing. Here's how to make the leap.

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Why an Outline Is Critical To Developing Thought Leadership Content

May 9, 2022David Rosenbaum

Many people think they already know how to write an article and that creating an outline just means extra work. Think again.

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5 Building Blocks of a Compelling Business Article

May 8, 2022Tim Parker

One of the most common problems with thought leadership drafts is they aren't properly structured. Here's the format that works.

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