Five ways to make peace with uncertainty despite our worst instincts

When we experience uncertainty, we take steps to resolve it, but many of these actions aren’t helpful. Think of the people who bought toilet paper on the eve of shelter-in-place orders when they might instead have got a haircut. This article describes five effective strategies for coping with uncertainty.

COVID-19’s long-term impact on drug development: The new pragmatism

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry is leading the charge to find therapies and develop vaccines, while simultaneously modifying existing trials to the new environment and keeping their staff and patients safe. In this article, the authors explain the new pragmatism emerging in drug development that will persist after the crisis has passed.

What should you do with your investment portfolio as the coronavirus continues to spread?

Among investors, the typical knee-jerk reaction to global health crises and market fallout is to reduce their exposure to risky assets. But to do this successfully, you must time the market twice: first when you sell, and again when you buy back in. This is almost impossible to pull off. Wealth management expert John Jennings explains a better approach.

Creative binary code and digital padlock background. Programming and password concept. 3D Rendering

Why businesses and governments need to stop trying to secure their networks

Most network breaches are caused by human error. People, no matter how well trained, will leave their laptops in cabs, connect to insecure public Wi-Fi, and click on emails they shouldn’t. In this MIT Sloan article, James Lotspeich, a director at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences, explains how to account for these errors in your cybersecurity approach.

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