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Infosys Talent Radar 2019

Companies in every industry are digitalizing their operations, and many are struggling to find the talent they need to do it. But not all. In this global survey of 1,000 business leaders, Infosys found that companies that are good at staffing their digitalization projects go beyond the conventional practices of recruiting from the best schools and poaching from competitors, and instead hire people who can develop the skills they need.

Infosys Digital Radar 2019

As large companies continue to intensify their digital transformation efforts, Infosys conducted a survey of more than 1,000 senior executives to gauge how fast they are moving from one level of progress to another based on three clusters: watchers, explorers, and visionaries. The survey results show that incumbents have a much easier time becoming explorers than visionaries.

What Companies Do Right and Wrong in Emerging Markets

In this study, FTI Consulting investigated the risks to overseas investments, and how successful companies avoid falling prey to them. The team surveyed 150 executives at multinational companies and interviewed a dozen executives at those firms, as well as 20 of FTI’s senior consultants. Articles based on the research findings ran in The Harvard Business Review, Risk Management Monitor, Corporate Compliance Insights, and

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