Building data protection in to product development

In the last year alone, 31 U.S. states enacted new cybersecurity legislation. Few application architects, software developers, or systems teams understand these regulations or the penalties of non-compliance. By building data protection protocols into application development, businesses can comply with the legislation and reduce their remediation costs.

5 ways insurers can stay agile in a Covid-19 virtual world

Covid-19 has made agile ways of working more difficult. But it has also forced even the most traditional insurers to embrace agile principles such as trust, collaboration, and empowerment. Those that have used this time to expand their agile practices can better respond to new demands and emerge from the crisis even stronger.

CAR T-cell therapies pose a new development model and demand new skill sets

More than 100 companies are now working on CAR T-cell therapies—primarily for hematologic cancers, but also for certain solid tumors—and there has been an explosion in the number of clinical trials. But CAR T-cell product development has some unique challenges, and four areas of focus are key to success.

Navigating your next move in retail and commercial banking

Global financial services are having a tumultuous time. Customers have gone online and may stay there. Banks that closed branches may not need to open them again. Even personal services such as wealth management are increasingly going digital. This article explains how banks can use this time to strengthen their competitive position.

Remote Working

Why feedback is the key to successful remote working

For remote workers, the lack of face-time with co-workers limits opportunities to raise questions and concerns. In this article, the authors present a new approach to workplace conversations that helps employees reduce conflict and build high levels of honesty and openness.

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