What the Heck is Going on at Harvard Business Review?

August 16, 2020Tim Parker

HBR has long been the preeminent journal on strategy and operations for business leaders and managers. But it seems to be abandoning its high ground.

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Why Real Examples Are Better Than Hypotheticals

July 23, 2020Laurie Cunningham

When reading about business topics, people want real stories, not make-believe.

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Is Rhetoric a Good or Bad Thing?

June 11, 2020Tim Parker

While picking a name for our company, we initially rejected “RhetorIQ.” Then we changed our minds. Here's why.

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How to Write for the C-Suite

January 19, 2020Laurie Cunningham

So many content marketers want to reach top executives, yet so few do. Here's how to be one of the few.

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5 Ways to Develop a Stronger Point of View

December 4, 2019Tim Parker

In the world of business management, new ideas are rare. So, if you're writing about a well-worn topic, you'll need a unique argument to stand out.

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How to Help an Expert Write Great Content

December 2, 2019Tim Parker

Five lessons from a panel discussion among content developers.

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3 Steps to Making Corporate Writing Better

October 29, 2019Tim Parker

How does a good editor make an article better? We share our secrets so that you can do it too.

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Businesswoman Standing Out in a Line of Business People Waiting Outdoors on a Step

Why You Should Write for a Specific Audience

June 20, 2019Laurie Cunningham

It's hard to resist the temptation to try to appeal to the masses. But to gain readers, you must.

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Want To Get Your Readers’ Attention? Scare Them

May 29, 2019Tim Parker

Fear is a powerful motivator. Use it to your advantage.

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So, You Want To Write a Book? First Answer This Question.

May 8, 2019Laurie Cunningham

Many people think it’s writing a book that will make them a star. That’s no longer true.

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Will AI Steal My Job, Developing Thought Leadership Content?

April 18, 2019Tim Parker

Machines are already writing articles for The Washington Post, The Associated Press, and Bloomberg. Is content marketing next?

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What’s the Optimum Length of an Article? Wrong Question.

August 27, 2018Tim Parker

Many think it's the word count that determines how many people will read an article or blog post. The shorter, the better, right? Not so fast.

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Why Results Are Critical to Thought Leadership

July 30, 2018Laurie Cunningham

Too many case studies lack hard evidence that a proposed solution to a business problem really works. Here's how to avoid making that mistake.

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5 Ways to Help Your Agency Help You Develop Your Thought Leadership

July 21, 2018David Rosenbaum

How content directors, marketing officers, and editorial directors can get the best out of us, or any other content marketing agency.

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How to Write About the Right Things

June 11, 2018Tim Parker

Before you begin to develop thought leadership content, it’s important to get the topic right.

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Man Throwing Away Papers into Trash Bin, Inspiration, Creativity and Idea Concept For Business

How to Annoy Editors

May 24, 2018David Rosenbaum

Don’t bother editors after you’ve submitted an article. It never produces positive results, and it can poison the well for future submissions.

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Thought Leadership’s Key Question, and Why You Must Answer It

May 4, 2018Laurie Cunningham

You might work at a big-name firm or have impressive credentials, but that’s not always enough to land the business you want.

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How to Wrap Up Thought Leadership Articles

November 3, 2017David Rosenbaum

At the end of a thought leadership article, there shouldn’t be any dangling threads left that need tying up. Just one thing the reader still wants to know.

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How to Get Your Thought Leadership Published in Harvard Business Review and Forbes

August 29, 2017David Rosenbaum

Over the past two years, Bloom Group helped our clients publish 26 articles in Harvard Business Review online, and

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Is Thought Leadership in Trouble?

July 10, 2017Tim Parker

The label "thought leader" is like any other honorary title. Only a nitwit would award it to himself.

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Three Tips for Writing Great Thought Leadership Ledes

May 31, 2017David Rosenbaum

If you want your article to be read, you’ll need a lede that grabs your reader’s attention and promises to reward the time he or she will put into reading it. Here are three ways to get one.

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Authenticity is Invaluable; Originality is Non-Existent

May 25, 2017Tim Parker

Some writers are so concerned with saying something earth-shattering that they forget to be authentic: to base their assertions on things they know.

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Six Keys to Consistently Good Thought Leadership

October 14, 2016Tim Parker

Many professional services companies try to publish a stream of good quality thought leadership material. Some succeed, some fail. Here's why.

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Get More From Thought Leadership Articles: 7 Smart Marketing Moves

September 20, 2016Rhetoriq

After a tough slog, your article has been published in HBR, a top trade journal, or a customer-facing publication that your company produces. Now the hard part begins.

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Terrified businessman covering face with hands in front of laptop.

Why Business Writing is So Bad

June 22, 2016Tim Parker

We asked an HBR editor the most common reason he rejects article submissions. This is what he said.

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How to Help Thought Leaders Who Suffer From the Dunning-Kruger Effect

May 2, 2016David Rosenbaum

Over the past two years, Bloom Group helped our clients publish 26 articles in Harvard Business Review online, and

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How Counterintuitive Thinking Can Help You Cut Through the Clutter

March 3, 2016Tim Parker

Most of what’s published in your area of expertise is useless. Challenging conventional wisdom is one way to rise above the crowd.

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What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Thought Leadership Marketing?

January 31, 2016Tim Parker

Don’t be confused by the commentators who toss these terms into the same blender. They're not the same thing.

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3 Ways to Make Survey Reports More Interesting

November 19, 2015Tim Parker

Every week you can find a new survey report that reveals something everyone already knows. These strategies will help ensure yours won't.

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4 Reasons Writing By Committee Fails

October 26, 2015Rhetoriq

The four big problems with writing by committee, and how some companies avoid them.

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Why Good Thought Leadership Is Like Good Parenting

August 29, 2015Tim Parker

Too much thought leadership content has a lecturing tone that parents often use with their children. And it has the same adverse effect.

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Colloquial Writing Style: Not The Thought Leader’s Enemy

August 11, 2015Rhetoriq

If you hope to establish yourself as an authority, you’d better sound real. If you don’t, you won’t connect with people.

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Five Nice Ways to Say No to Bad Thought Leadership Ideas

July 24, 2015David Rosenbaum

Bad content lowers a reader’s opinion of the firm that publishes it and makes potential clients disappear. But how do you tell your SME that their idea is not going to fly?

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Why You Should Measure Your Thought Leadership ROI

May 28, 2015Tim Parker

A business should always strive to measure the return on its investments. Otherwise, how do you know what works?

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5 Dos and 5 Don’ts for Great Survey Reports

October 20, 2014Tim Parker

Surveys are easy to do badly. Here are five things to do, and five not to do, to make sure your survey will be a hit.

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Was Albert Einstein a Thought Leader?

September 29, 2014Tim Parker

We compare our "7 Hallmarks of Thought Leadership" to the type of groundbreaking thinking the famous physicist did.

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Text Content is King typed on retro typewriter

Curated Content and Why You Should Avoid It

June 16, 2014Tim Parker

Unfortunately, there is only one reliable way to attract users with quality content: creating it.

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Five Steps to Getting Quoted in the Media

June 14, 2014David Rosenbaum

Getting quoted in the media is an excellent way to build your reputation as a thought leader. The funny thing is, it’s not that hard.

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10 Rules for Publishing Articles Anywhere

May 13, 2014Tim Parker

We frequently publish articles in third-party journals on behalf of our clients. Some people ask how we do it. Here's what we say.

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Silhouettes of Business People Working in an Office

What Is Thought Leadership?

April 28, 2014Tim Parker

Too many definitions of "thought leadership" are vague and confusing. Here's one that isn't.

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The Beginning Is the Hardest Part of Thought Leadership

March 19, 2014Tim Parker

Why establishing yourself as a content development expert, not just a writer, is critical to getting these projects off the ground.

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Three Barriers to Beginning a Thought Leadership Program

February 19, 2014Tim Parker

Despite all the excitement about thought leadership marketing, the uptake in industries outside of management consulting and IT services is slow.

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Top Practitioners Offer Four Best Practices for Thought Leadership

February 16, 2014Tim Parker

Four practitioners talk about their strategies and best practices for producing the best content and getting it in front of prospective buyers in a compelling, consistent, and even industrialized way.

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How to Write Great Headlines: 5 Rules

January 28, 2014David Rosenbaum

Every piece of writing that’s published on the web – from white papers and articles to blogs and tweets – needs to grab the reader’s attention.

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Five Reasons to Give Away the Family Silver

November 21, 2013Tim Parker

Many professionals worry that if they share their proprietary insights in an article, they'll have nothing left to sell. Here's why that's wrong.

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Man talking with alphabet letters coming out of mouth

In Defense of Buzzwords

August 26, 2013Tim Parker

With the use of jargon in business writing so pervasive, maybe we should stop advocating for plain language.

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Is SEO a Waste of Time?

January 8, 2013Tim Parker

Mostly yes, and a little bit no. Here's why.

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A Unified Theory of Knowledge Management and Thought Leadership

April 29, 2011Tim Parker

We have long known that how much good thought leadership you can generate in a professional services firm relies on one or both of two things: the ease of extracting new insights from practicing professionals, and whether or not the firm does dedicated research. This week I saw a model that neatly ties these things together.

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Retro old microphones for press conference or interview on table front gradient aquamarine background. Vintage old style filtered photo

Is Thought Leadership Annoying and Boastful? Part 2

February 4, 2011Tim Parker

Sometimes, yes. But we haven’t found a better term for it. And it's a helpful term when it's legitimately applied.

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Offended man giving stopping gesture

Is Thought Leadership Annoying and Boastful? Part 1

October 2, 2010Tim Parker

Why we sometimes wish the type of work we do was called something else.

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